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Chimney Services

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Chimney Services

In the early years of our business, one of the requests we often received was for chimney services – chimney rebuild and repair, chimney relining and crown replacement and tuckpointing.  There were few contractors in the Denver area who were competent or even experienced in this type of chimney work.  Because of the importance of chimney maintenance we decided that chimney services would be a sub-specialty.  Consequently Robbins Masonry and Concrete has become one of the most experienced and respected chimney services company in the Denver Metro Denver area. As one of the photos displays, we were honored when we were selected to do the chimney repair on the historic University Hall at Denver University.

We have worked on hundreds of chimneys servicing brick, stone, wooden frame & metal chimneys.

Chimney repair services are often needed on both the exterior and interior of a chimney.  Upkeep of both are important! Heat, sun, wind, rain and snow all take a toll on chimneys, on both the chimney exterior as well as on the interior liner.  Failure to regularly inspect a chimney can lead to serious consequences from health hazards indoors resulting from creosote build-up, to loose bricks that can fall damaging property and even individuals. Chimney blockage from birds and other critters is often a problem as well.  Any of these can lead to consequences as serious as the house catching on fire.

We offer a chimney inspection service that allows you to either have confidence that your chimney is in good health or to know that some type of service is necessary.  The cost of the inspection varies depending on factors that include chimney size, height and age, roof pitch, number of stories and the equipment needed for a proper inspection.  At times, using a high-tech inspection system may be wise, but will increase the cost.  Should an inspection reveal that repair work is necessary, should you select us to complete the work we waive the inspection fee.

Exterior Brick Chimney Repair

Exterior chimney damage presents you with two serious dangers that should not be ignored.  Compromised masonry in various parts of the chimney structure can allow water into the structure. Widespread water damage to other materials can happen and, in Colorado where freezing and thawing is common, the process can crack and break mortar joints. Gaps in masonry expose the building materials of the home to structural damage and intense heat that occurs within the chimney could reach other flammable materials and lead to a serious fire.

Also, when a damaged chimney begins to fall apart, it will often start leaning.  The integrity of the chimney diminishes, bricks and mortar may fall and at some point the chimney may collapse entirely.

Over time mortar joints can begin to deteriorate; bricks can come loose.  Sometimes all that is needed is for joints to be cleaned out and tuckpointed with new mortar.  At other times, the chimney needs to be rebuilt.  Some of the photos display before and after photos of these situations.

Expert Masonry Repair

Chimney Crown Rebuild:

When the chimney crown at the top of the chimney begins to crack, masonry repair is required to keep the cracks from enlarging and letting water get down into the bricks.  Water damages by freezing and expanding can eventually destroy a chimney.  We can repair or rebuild your chimney crown as needed.


When small sections of mortar are missing from your chimney, we often can perform tuckpointing (sometimes called repointing or simply joint repair), a process in where the joints are cleaned out and prepared, and new mortar is added to the open spaces.  Joint decomposition needs to be addressed as soon as possible before further damage results.  Timely tuckpointing can save a chimney.


Parging is a process that adds a layer of stucco-like material to certain areas within the chimney system such as the smoke chamber.  Parging creates a smooth environment through which smoke can easily move.  This service is often needed for older chimneys.  Our masonry repair process will allow you to prolong the life of your chimney.

Chimney Rebuilding:

When a chimney has suffered extensive damage, the best recourse is a complete or partial chimney rebuild.  Severely damaged chimneys can lead to a house fire, or they can collapse and endanger the lives and safety of anyone in the vicinity.  With a rebuilt chimney which with today’s stainless steel liners and other more modern products, your rebuilt chimney will be better than it was when it was originally built. You’re back to having confidence in an attractive and safe chimney.

Additional Masonry Repair & Maintenance Services

Our services include:

  • Chimney crown replacement and repair
  • Chimney leak repair
  • Chimney chase top repair
  • Fireplace and firebox repair
  • Chimney liner replacement and repair
  • Flashing repair
  • Chimney damper repair

Chimney Liners

The chimney liner creates a separation between the flames and fumes in the flue and the walls of the chimney.  The purpose of a chimney liner is to insulate the chimney so any aging and deterioration of the mortar does not affect chimney performance.

Some of the most common problems with chimneys are cracked, broken, or otherwise faulty clay flue liners.  Flue linings are one of the most important parts of your chimney.  If the liner is damaged, your chimney may not operate properly which can lead to inefficiency as well as unhealthy and even dangerous circumstances.

If your chimney has areas of damage due to weather events, house-settling or just plain old age, we can perform the necessary masonry repair to restore it to its proper operational state.  No job is too big or too small.

Chimney damage starts small but, if not addressed, leads to extensive problems.  Bricks can fall away, water can leak into the system and structural degradation can lead to a catastrophic house fire.  Never put off needed chimney repair.

Our main goals are to keep you safe and keep your chimney fully functional.

Types of Chimney Liners

No matter what sort of chimney lining you have, in time it will need to be maintained or relined.  Understanding the major types of chimney liners will help you determine the best way to line your chimney and keep your home safe and sound.

Clay Tile Chimney Liner

Clay tiles have been an historical favorite for lining chimneys.  As such, most older homes have a clay tile liner.  These were popular for a variety of reasons, the most important being that clay tile insulation with properly finished mortar joints can withstand most types of heat and smoke and can last many years.

In today’s world, however, these tiles are not the perennial favorite.  Studies show that during a chimney fire, even the most well finished mortar joints can crack, and usually break apart.  Any crack in your chimney lining makes it more likely that the fire could spread to the rest of the building.

Additionally, repairing or relining a chimney with clay tile can be a very difficult task.  Punching holes in the chimney to ensure the tiles are aligned and joined correctly is often necessary, and such effort is costly.  For this reason, when most homeowners notice cracks or problems with their clay tile chimney liner, they transition to a totally different liner material.

Metal Chimney Liner

Metal liners are by far the current favorite of the construction world.  They come in a vast array or shapes and sizes, and can either be rigid of flexible.  Installation and parts are generally less costly, and with proper maintenance metal liners often outlast the house.  Metal – primarily stainless steel – liners are by far the current favorite, and for good reason.  They come in a vast array or shapes and sizes, and can either be rigid or flexible.

When repair of a clay liner is an option, it may be the best option – each situation is different and both labor and materials are taken into consideration.  When replacing your chimney liner we recommend doing so with an up to date metal liner.  We will provide you with the pros and cons of both options and offer our recommendation as to what we believe in the wisest solution.

Chimney Liners Reduce Chances of Fire

The chimney liner creates a barrier to contain heat within the liner instead of the surrounding chimney.  The lack of a chimney liner or the deterioration of a liner increases the core temperature between the surrounding house structures, such as wood framing, roofing materials and insulation and can lead to a fire in the chimney that can spread to the rest of the structure.

Liners Stop Toxic Gases from Leaking Inside

Through deterioration, improper installation or faulty construction of a chimney, it is possible for toxic gases to leak into the home.  These gases are caused by incomplete combustion within the fireplace and can seep back into the house.  A chimney liner provides a much better route for these gases to be released, effectively exhausting them out of the home.

Reasons for Relining

A primary reason for relining a chimney is an earlier installation of an improper liner size.  Improperly sized lining can lead to soot and creosote deposits and improper draft, both of which are safety hazards and lead to inefficiency.  Our inspection can determine if this is an issue for you and, if so, we can guide you to the proper chimney lining size for your situation.

Another primary cause for the need of chimney relining is cracks and breaches in the liner itself, which is a fire hazard.  If you are not doing timely inspections, at the first sign of cracks or damage it is wise to call in a professional to ensure your home is safe.  Remember, even if you stop using your fireplace, other appliances may vent into your chimney exposing you to potential danger.

A Word about Maintaining Chimney Liners

Some homes already have older chimney liners installed from previous owners.  Chimney liners in old houses are typically made of fireclay.  These chimney liners can occasionally crack or fissure as the house settles and the surrounding chimney moves.  This allows gases and smoke to escape.  Inspecting and possibly replacing old chimney liners is a common necessity.  It is important, even if you have a chimney liner installed, that you are attentive to timely inspections and attention to maintenance.

Here is how we help.

If you’ve only got questions about maintaining an existing liner or whether your home even needs one at all, we’re here to help.  Call us now at 720-220-4315.  Contact us to learn more about our chimney lining repair and installation services.  We proudly serve clients throughout Metro Denver Area.


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For 30 years, our policy has been to visit the project site, discuss and clearly understand the project and the customer’s expectations and then provide a no-cost estimate.

So far, the concept has worked.
We hope that you will contact us!

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A. H.
Called Rob to provide a quote and look at some existing concrete, very professional and even came out on a Saturday.
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matt knezel
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Jared Smart
Talk about professionalism and an expert. We called Mr. Robbins with Robbins Masonry & Concrete to inspect our stone work as a result of selling our property. Mr. Robbins was professional, informative, and timely; making time to come to our home on the morning of July 4th. Thanks again and I highly recommend Robbins Masonry to anyone in the Colorado metro area!
Jeremy Moskowitz
Jeremy Moskowitz
Rob came out last year for some repair I needed done. During the winter some other unrelated areas started to fall apart. He fixed it for $0.00. I couldn't believe it... Great communication, excellent work. Everyone in my neighborhood uses him. You should too !
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John Baker
Awesome company!!! Very professional!
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Paul Cannon
Excellent experience all around, competitive quote, good advice. Rob was willing to work with me and meet our needs for making a sort of sports court. Update: It has held up very well now for 2 years, we would definitely use them again!
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shelley durazo
Rob just finished our job south of castle rock. He was responsive by text and phone. Adequately assessed the job and work needed. Showed up when he said he would be on site. Finished the job relatively quickly considering work load (2 weeks). The job entailed laying large bricks around 2 existing pillars at the front of the driveway. Bricks look great! Will be using him again.
Chris Vair
Chris Vair
It started with a very prompt quote. Within a day or two, Rob came out and quoted the job. I got three quotes from three different companies. Rob was up front about tue time frame and his estimate was spot on (in my case it was approximately 30 days or so). They graded, poured, and cleaned the area very well. He answered all my questions and they did an excellent job. I found them to be very honest. The quality of work looks perfect. I’d highly recommend them and will use them again for additional concrete work without hesitation!
Carl Hirschel
Carl Hirschel
What a great company. Needed my driveway, sidewalk and stoop done as well as the column holding up my front porch. We set up a time and the weather turned on us. I got a call recommending delay for a week because it would be better for my driveway. I agreed. The next week the driveway and everything else came out and went back in better then ever. The stoop is actually a little bigger and it looks really good. Everything was done very professionally. This is a company with experience you can count on!